About Us

What are the services you provide in your lawn care package?

Our lawn care service include:

Weed Removal – we will manually remove the weed with shovel, rake and other tools.
Lawn Mowing – We will effectively mow your lawn in a way that it looks structured and clean.
Clean Your Yard – we will clean your yard of dead leaves, twigs, storm damage.
Aerating The Beds – we will remove the weed from the flower beds and aerate them with a hand shovel.

What to do with the mess after the lawn has been clean?

The organic mess could be left where it is. It will mis with the ground and provide its nutrients from more plants to grow. Taking the clipping, removing weeds and grass to the landfill is a waste of money and energy.

Can I re-seed barren areas in my lawn?

For many reasons you may see barren spots that have no grass on the surface of your lawn. These may occur for a number of reasons, for example if your dog has destroyed the grass, the area is used to keep something like a chair. If the area does not get sunlight. Furst, you will have to understand the reason why the grass won’t grow there. Once you remove the reason, for example if you remove the chair, trim the branch that shades the or do whatever is necessary for the area to grow grass again then you can aerate, fertilize and reseed the area.

How is "Core Aeration" and if I need it, how do I know?

Plants need nitrogen as one ofthe most impottantnuriest to survive. The ground needs to aerated for the nitrogen to seep into the roots through the air. This can be done by raking, shoveling the soil. Having earthworms in the air also aerated the soil.


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